What is change in consciousness?


If we say that we simply need to go with the flow, and what will happen will happen anyway, then what is the need for bringing about a change in consciousness?

The answer is that we simply do what needs to be done. It is not as if one is motivated to change the consciousness, but in doing what we must do and what needs to be done, the consciousness will change. However, if the motivation for doing this originates from the self—that people will look at us and say what fabulous work we are doing—that is not really a change of consciousness for us.

The biggest obstacle is to overcome one’s own self. While one can overcome an enemy which is outside of one’s own self, it is quite a challenge when one is one’s own biggest enemy.

It is a realization that we are the wall we were trying to jump over. The day we realize that, it becomes easier to jump the wall. But we are so conditioned to blame somebody else—circumstances, upbringing, parenting, society—that we never realize that the fault lies with us. People can say many things about us; it is up to us to not get offended. The question is not why people make us angry; rather, why do we respond to people with anger? That is the change in consciousness on a personal level.

And if each one of us realizes that, we will have many more people who will see the change through our way of life, and open up to that very change themselves. For example, instead of a single donation of 1,000 dollars from one person, there will be ten people donating 100 dollars each. That will be more precious because ten hearts would have opened up as opposed to one. And that is the change in consciousness at a societal level.